RAJCO inc.


Keys to Success

A family owned corporation, RAJCO, Inc.’s corporate culture is founded upon old fashioned principles uniquely attuned to a modern world. Honoring God and Country.


We are dedicated to:

-American Made
-Loyalty, Honesty, and Dependability
-Creating synergetic family-like affiliations
As with any company, RAJCO, Inc. recognizes the risks of sustaining a corporation in this current economic climate, but remains confident that utilization of our robust relationships with industry experts will minimize risk.


Our products are geared towards specific, need-based usage. Our mix of old-fashioned business practices, built on trust and communication coupled with the addition of contemporary techniques such as web-based marketing and e-commerce sales will combine to create a company that will thrive.


RAJCO, Inc.’s aim is to establish a niche in the consumer product marketplace that relies upon the guaranteed marketability of each product we develop: “see a need, fill a need.” Family ownership and family like affiliation with production sources enable us to compete and best other companies in a competitive global market.


In the “As seen on T.V.” market, there exists five major corporations. RAJCO, Inc.’s goal is to become the sixth. Utilizing the flexibility of delegation between trusted business associates, we will garner significant savings, increased name and brand recognition, and outstanding service in both production and delivery.


41397 Stafford Court

Indio CA 92203, U.S.A.








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